Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tinderbox Zine

Hello all,

Elida is accepting submissions for the Tinderbox Zine - "In These Shoes".

All kinds of subjects are welcome, as a zine just about shoes might be boring!

She is busy going around town today looking for shop windows to paint for Christmas.
(You can contact her by phone or email.)

Thank you


emma rowe said...

I sent stuff to the tinderbox network's g mail account

Eoghan Carroll said...

Thats grand, she'll get those. thanks a mill!

The Oh-Aissieux said...

What's the deadline? I'm fairly hectic this week, but might submit something about innovative storytelling.

Eoghan Carroll said...

The deadline was today, but if you have anything by Thursday, that'll be fine.

Toma Lione said...

sent with humility last night.
Thanks for everything

noirin said...

eek im so swamped at the day job i didnt see this till now - is it too late?

slow said...

Noirin, Colin, all you guys, no you are not late!
We all are swamped, so... send them in!