Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mantaviva [lifeblanket]

We entered this strip to an EU competition, which theme was living in the European Union.
The comic has three panels where you can see a sequence of action. Most of the actions revolve around removing borders/walls and making something different with it. The panel distribution is a variation on a map of Europe, turned 90 degrees aCW. I drew the characters, Eoghan defined the colours, the black frames and half the actions. There is exchange of culture, people fishing in someone else's waters, a new country/person springing from nowhere, someone eating fruit from their neighbours' tree, a ganja closet-farm, a huge love story, and a lot more going on in Europe. My favourite is the pair who go from hachet war to coffee and chat.


denise said...

this is really interesting elida, I like it lots! Think its a very clever way of telling a story. nice : )

slow said...

:] you can tell I like comix!