Monday, November 16, 2009

In These Shoes by Jane Burns (from Fighting Words)

Anybody out there wants to illustrate this text? Please comment if so! Jane has very kindly written it for our zine

In These Shoes
by Jane Burns (from Fighting Words)

In these shoes my feet feel very small. At least they are warm it was
so cold standing in the freezing snow.
Our neighbour John brought them out with some blankets- we didn’t have
time to get our shoes and coats.

The flames are bursting through the windows and smell of smoke is
everywhere. Everyone is crying- even my father.
Where will we go? Who will take us in? We really have nothing now. My
mother says we should be happy no one died
but I really wish I could have taken my teddy with me. I am so sad
that he has died in the flames.

Our aunt comes along and she takes us to her home. There is hardly any
room- 6 of them and 7 of us but at least we
are inside and there is no smoke or fire. My mother tells me to take
off the big shoes and climb in bed but I don’t want to.
In these shoes I feel safe, they are too big but if there is another
fire at least I can stay warm.

In these shoes my feet feel very small, but they were a gift,
something for me to have, the only things I will have for a very long


emma rowe said...

I 'd like to attempt something here, I use the word attempt, I have a idea for a short little comic strip of my own also I hope to post something soon!

slow said...

It is all yours. It is a tempting story indeed Emma.