Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grow Your Own City [colour]

Yellowhammer, this is for you, since you kept asking when would I post a colour version of this.
The colours are those of the streets of Dublin.
I like it, but also, the text seems to vanish. Hmmm.

I welcome advice!


Yellowhammer said...

HA HAAA, Fantastic, ya really get a good 3d feel, nice. I see what you're saying about the text...why not try a different contrasting colour? or maybe bringing the background thru?! Then again you can leave it to the viewer to pick up, a larger size, someone would definately see the message. Love it tho!

emma rowe said...

this look great in colour, the words for me are not too lost. its like your eye weaves and darts down your streets to make out the words, any heavier with your text it might just dominate your little dublin terrace houses too much

Jane O Sullivan said...

colours are spot on great job elida ...loving your new comics on your blog x

noirin said...

Love the chimney stacks :), can see what you mean re the words..I was thinking if you did them in white maybe..but then they'd blend in to the white coloured buildings..

Really like the little rickity georgian doorways..

Esther Moliné said...

Brilliant Elida! Those colours are great and may be it's good that the letters don't jump out more, it makes it more fun to find them in the contours of the buildings

slow said...

Thank you!

I will experiment with the ideas you've mentioned. Thanks a mill,