Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moate Culture Night

Good news Tinderboxers, I have secured a shared exhibition space for a Tinderbox exhibit as part of Moate Culture Night in about two months time (date to be announced). The event will be listed in the National Culture Night brochure. Darren Doyle of Studio93 is heading the event and has agreed to showcase our work. It's an external space with a fantastic stone archway which will house most of the work.

A table will be set up to accomodate cards, prints, whatever you have. Framed pieces can be hung, (we are looking into this), and if any of you have installation pieces that would survive the Irish weather that would be great too.

So, expressions of interest are welcome, send them to me here or at: nagle.ab(at)
I am in Dublin on the 28th-29th May if any of you would like me to pick up stuff, but we can organise to collect the work at a later date. Those of you outside Ireland, email me if you would like to post something over, or we can print here if that is easier.


Brian Stapleton said...

Ah, 'tis a small world, so it is, so it us. Some of us Tinderboxers went to college with Darren!

Well done on securing the space, Yellow.

Yellowhammer said...

Ah to be sure to be sure, he mentioned he knew someone here. 'Secure' is the buzz word this week, what with the Queen and Obama visiting! I take it your in?

Esther Moliné said...

This is brilliant, Alan, thank you so much for organizing this! I have a lot of stuff ready to go as I'm preparing myself to do another market (Crafty Market, 18th of June, and I'll display our old zines there too). I'm also hoping to get a place at the People's Photography exhibition at St Stephen's Green at the end of August. So anyway, I have lots of mounted prints done, some framed also, cards, you name it. I suppose depending on how many of us are taking part we could put a limit to the number of submissions per person to fit the space. I hope to be able to be there on the day and bring the stuff with me. I wonder could we also have the new zine ready for it? It could include a catalogue of the work on show!

Yellowhammer said...

Yes, I think we'll give everybody until the 31st May to say that they are in or not, then we'll see about the number of submissions. It would be nice to pack it to the rafters and I'll know by then who else will be involved from around here. The zine or theme is in the pipeline as far as I know, and it would be good to have it there as well as any previous zines and work. The catalogue is a great idea, prices and contact details of all, could be included in the zine.

emma rowe said...

Yippee!! An exhibition, fantastic stuff Alan, count me in, god why do I procrastinate, I should have new work for this

slow said...

This sounds brilliant!
I'm in.

Tinderbox in Culture Night, yaaay!
Good work, Yellowhammer!

Yellowhammer said...

Thanks Slow.

Before the disastrous blogger blooper yesterday we had a few comments here. So far Brian, Esther, Emma and Claire? are in. Esther mentioned the zine and that it would be a good idea to have this done for the exhibition and if possible could include a catalogue for the show. I suggested that we would give everybody until the 31st May to express their interest and then we can begin to put a limit on the number of pieces. Some or all of this work could coincide with the Society6 store as discussed earlie!? Any other input would be appreciated, thanks.

Esther Moliné said...

Hi again Alan! I was just wondering what had happened to my comment... Well, as I said, thanks a million for organizing this, it's great! I'll do my best to be there on the day and I already have stuff ready to go as I'm preparing myself for another Crafty Market on the 18th of June (spot not confirmed yet). I'll display there any old Tinderbox zines we may have also. And yes, I think it would be great for the new zine and the Society6 store to be linked with this exhibition!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello alan , first of all well done for organizing this and yes I will make a limited edition of the books I made for my solo show and may send a few pieces , worried a little by weather ? you say its outside ......

Yellowhammer said...

Yer books will be fine, the archway is under a building, it's like a room with plenty of cover. We also discussed linking a couple of marquees on. Also the date is sketchy, it could be as far away as September and not in two months time as initially thought, but will definately go ahead. This would give everybody plenty of room to think about the workshops, zines, crafty markets etc.

slow said...

I would like to take part in this exhibition too!

Also, I have back issues for Tinderbox zines 2, 3 and 4 that I got printed. These can be sold both at the Crafty Market and at Moote Culture Night.

About the new zine (number 6), Emma and I wanted to edit it and propose a loose theme so people could do new pieces or use existing ones.

We are not ready-ready yet, and I think the two of us feel we want to publish something very beautiful, so better not to rush it.

Emma, if you are there, manifest yourself!

:] elida.

Esther Moliné said...

Hi Elida! Will you be around on the 18th of June to bring me the zines for the Crafty Market or do you want to meet before? As for the new zine, I guess we should just see how it evolves. If it looks like it might make it for Moate brilliant, and if not I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities to showcase it. I've taken more photos recently I thought could be good possibilities for it but I already posted a few here so I'm waiting for other people's input...

slow said...

Hey Esther, sure I will be able to bring you the zines to the market.

Just remind us all that week!

About new zines, if someone finds it in them to go and do one, go ahead, there is no queue. It is just that this time, for me and for Emma, it seems it will be a bit slower.


noirin said...

Hi! thanks for getting us the exhibition space! Yay!

I'd really like to also send something over - iv nothing ready right now though..if it is after the end of June i will have something done by then..

It would be most probably a framed item..

slow said...


I have a couple of doubts, please enlighten me!

- Culture Night (in Dublin) will be September 23rd, 2011.
Is the Moate Culture Night on the same night?

- If not, when do you think it is going to be?

- I would like to prepare something for this exhibition, but you said it might be outdoors, so a framed drawing would be adequate?

Thanks for your patience there...

Yellowhammer said...

Oops should have checked back earlier.
Yes we thought this was going to be sooner, but yes it is on the 23rd September, as part of Culture night nationally. The venue is covered and dry, like an long archway under a building, we'll hopefully link with a couple of marquees so all work will be dry.

Esther Moliné said...

Hi Alan! It's on a Friday then. What time would it start at? I had hoped to get a lift from my husband but he won't be able to on a working day. I'll still try to make it on public transport if that's possible. If I'm able to people could give me the work to bring with me instead of posting it

Yellowhammer said...

I'll have to get back re: times,and then we can discuss planes,trains and automobiles! Hopefully it will be an evening event, so everyone can make after work etc.

slow said...

Hey Yellowhammer!
It all sounds good to me.
Also, by September, we will certainly have the Gods and Monsters/Monsters of Tomorrow zine ready!

Brilliant. It is an exhibition date.
Do you guys want to theme it?