Monday, May 9, 2011

thank you elida

would not violets grow from her heart
a solo show of new work

jane o'sullivan
custom house studio gallery
co mayo
on till june 6th

as dear elida mentioned in the below post :)
I have indeed just opened my first (absolutely) solo show .
I have worked as an artist for like .....ever, happily showing within a group scenario.
I still love mostly to work collaboratively but I was awarded this show after many many applications.
I am delighted with it,it is just what I had imagined and the gallery space is just beautiful.

If you like take a look at my own blog you can see more images of the opening !
I will film a little virtual tour of my show over the next few days and I will post that , I feel it will be the best representation of the work.
Hey guys , thanks so much for the lovely messages and interest.
After all its the work that has to fly off now, not me (but it hears your love and respect xx)


Brian Stapleton said...

Congratulations Jane! Not sure I'll get a chance to get to Westport before June 6th but, from the photos, it looks like a beautiful exhibition.

Damien said...

Huge congrats Jane, and sorry I forgot to wish you luck before the opening night but it looks like it went well anyway! Had a peep at your pics on your blog too, looks great, there looked to be a huge amount of pieces at it, can't wait to see more pics!

Esther Moliné said...

Congratulations Jane, your work looks wonderful, you really deserve the success!

slow said...


I love how you hung those pictures, clustered together, I can't wait to watch that video.

Well done and fair play to you, as Damien said, there is a lot of work there, many, many pieces.

:] elida.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks everyone !
there are about 34 pieces in all ! I wish you could see it better soon :)

emma rowe said...

Jane its looks really great, Please post more pictures as I won't be in Westport anytime soon. will check your blog, congrats