Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mossy Nolan album cover

Hey everyone,

haven't posted any of my own stuff on here in a while so here's my most recently completed project, which is also my largest ever papercut!
My friend Mossy wanted me to do a papercut that he could photograph and print as an A3 poster that would also fold up to hold the cd inside. I did it A1 size so the small detail would be easier to cut out and it features scenes from the 10 songs on the album intertwining around Mossy playing his mandolin, which is the front cover after it's folded.
You can check out more pics of it on my blog here (didn't want to be clogging the place up here!)


Jane O Sullivan said...

um ....O.M.F.G. !!!
oh my flippin gosh damo are a dark horse , like this must have taken forever ,it is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.
hows canada?
lucky mossy

emma rowe said...

IT IS JAW DROPPING, so much detail, I love it all, seriously amazing work Damo

Yellowhammer said...

Hey Damien,

That is fantastic, beautiful detail, really takes the eye around! Are Mossy's songs about emigration, I get that vibe?

Damien said...

thanks guys!
His stuff is trad & folk, one of the songs Tunnel Tigers (top right) is about the Irish going over to London to work digging the underground and another is influenced by the famine, but there's a lot of other influences as well

Esther Moliné said...

Wow, that's wonderful, so much detail, it must have been a lot of work, your friend must be very happy with what you did! Love the two witches, but what are they doing to that poor cat?

slow said...

Bloody hell Damien, I love it.
Fair play to you, this is stunning work.


slow said...

Damien, stunning work.
All of it.

Michelle said...

A~MAZ~ING.I love it