Monday, May 9, 2011

I Heard You Looking

Hey folks, just thought I'd share something I’ve been working on over the last few days. It’s a Tumblr blog called I Heard You Looking. I’ve basically been uploading imagery and music which I feel enhance each other or play off each other in interesting ways. Maybe some of ye might like it. I've also set up a Facebook page for people who aren't on Tumblr but would still like to follow the blog.


emma rowe said...

Some really nice pieces here Brian, My Favorites - Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs, beautiful song, and the Squarepusher/skyline I think works really well, hmmm and Yo La Tengo with Nich Hance images, looked at his website, his photographs are brilliant, the deer heads in the trash, will be using that as illustration reference ( so thanks). Of course Mr.Callahan too, Sarah McNeil and her whimsical illustrations , I'm hoping to be the proud owner of one of her jewelry pieces soontimes if my nagging/hinting of my brother in New Zealand pays off.
Reminded of the tinderbox project here for song lyric in my mind is always cinematic.

Brian Stapleton said...

Thanks Emma! Delighted that you’re enjoying it.

I've been a lover of both sound and vision since I was young and for a long time now I've imagined what certain songs would look like and what certain images would sound like. I guess I'm quite interested in how one can colour the other.