Monday, May 16, 2011

Tinderbox Summer Skill Exchange

Hello Tinderboxers
I have had a few enquiries recently about our skill exchange workshops and I was wondering if any of you talented Tinderboxers would be interested in sharing your skills.

Skill Exchange Workshops
• Life Drawing
• Lino Printing
• Zine Making
• Collage Workshop
• Web Design Basics
• Photography Basics
• Digital Illustration
• Animation
• Proposals and suggestions welcome
The aim of these workshops is to share skills and encourage collaboration. Admission fees should be kept as low as possible and used entirely to cover the costs of materials plus a small fee for the teacher/workshop leader.
What you will need:
• Cheap / free venue
• Lesson plan / project-brief or outline of a project to be completed within the workshop. This should include an introduction to the topic.
• Materials / info in advance for participants to bring the right materials
• Refreshments. This isn't essential, but at previous workshops we supplied some wine and soft drinks at the end of the session. It gives participants a chance to chat about their experience and give feedback.
It can be a very rewarding experience to share your skills with others. If you are interested in volunteering or if one of these workshops appeals to you, please post a comment below or contact me
tinderboxnetwork [at]


Yellowhammer said...

Great idea Claire, but lots to think about. Where did you hold the last workshop? Will get the braincells goin' about this one!

Esther Moliné said...

Yes, great idea! I'd be very interested in learning about web design. The zine making also appeals to me. I could try and share my photography skills, although I'm still learning and I'd need help from other Tinderbox photographers...

Claire said...

Hey guys.
Previously, we held some life drawing sessions in 'The Back Loft' at la catedral studios, it's a paid venue and we had to make sure we had enough people to cover the cost of rent and models (run by Claire)

There were some 2-day screen printing courses organised in-studio with a dublin-based artist. (run by Fran)

And some in-formal web sessions were run as an intro to HTML. (run by Carl)

Don't be shy about approaching established artists to give the workshops or ask for advice.

Your fellow tinderboxers can also be called on for advise and/or support.


emma rowe said...

sounds good we can tete a tete in June, when I visit, (hhehehehe)

slow said...

Hmmm sounds good.

Linoprinting I would love!

When it comes to running one myself, perhaps a mini-comic workshop...

As Yellowhammer says, plenty to think about, Claire!