Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hey guys,

some of you might remember waaay back, i posted a wee project i was working on called SOUVENIR, lots of you joined in, which is fantastic! but its been a while now so i thought i better update you.

souvenir is an experimental exhibition project using old fashioned mail and futuristic e-mail. you can take part by sending a postal address to:

there are 96 people signed up already, from all over the world, but i have 100 pieces of artwork to post so i need 4 more. i hope to see the project evolve in regular audio visual mixtape with lots of fun spin offs. issue 1 is ready to go, and i can't wait to finnish issue 2

all the best,
your pal mr steve mccarthy


emma said...

did I join, hmmm you can count me in steve

Jane O Sullivan said...

me too steve those little insect dudes :)
sounds like a great project

Yellowhammer said...

I think i signed up too, if not count me in. Steve and Jane would you like to submit something for the exhibition coming up in Moate? See previous post.

slow said...

Oooh! I can't wait to receive my souvenir!

Dear Mr. Steve McCarthy, can I give you the address of a person that would love to receive a souvenir from you?
:] elida.