Sunday, May 22, 2011

home sweet home zine ....etc

Hi Y'all
been kinda busy with dodging the horendous rain and wind here in Mayo and zoning in on all things cozy and interior .
It was so horrid , I gave my market stall a miss yesterday (anyone lend me a tenner ?)
I have just made an installation in the museum of country life , its temporary ,responding to our feelings around home and involved over 20 artists , mostly working outside, lucky me escaped the elements and was to be found importantly placing primroses around a dolls house know , all in a days work !!
BUT the bit I really enjoyed making was the zine.
I bought a mini zine from nathalia of stitchy press when I was at the independants day fair last year with our very own tinderbox heartstrings collection song drawings extravaganza.
I put it away and then was reminded of this super handy and so do-able format when I spied it on miss maiques totally smashing blog.
As you can see it is a mere A4 page ,folded in a certain way ,which I cut and pasted manually my images and then got photocopied to give away to those clever enough to spy the little message within my museum within a museum .
If you are really more than interested there are simply loads more images and info on my very own blog ..ok ?
jane x


slow said...

Jane, congratulations,

As for that one-A4-zine, it was Phil Barrett (known for silent world domination through who taught it to me.

Your A4zine looks so lively!
And the concept of the exhibition, of representing home through a doll house I find strong and layered, I like it a lot.


Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely !
thanks elida........
yep I love phils work too,it is a great medium to share, already everyone who has seen it wants to know how to make one , its sort of magical that its so simple.

I am glad that you like the installation , zine /house /museum:)
I am really looking forward to seeing what you and emma are brewing up a feeling its going to be special.

Yellowhammer said...

Lots of great work Jane, well done, you're a busy little bee.

Jane O Sullivan said...

welll truth is alan I am a lunatic :) BZZZZZ BZZZZ.....
am wrecked actually , had a little too much pressure there for awhile ,it was needed but NOW ...well , just gonna cruise for awhile .
thanks for your comment alan, I was chuffed that this job went well , it was simple and people got something from it .

Esther Moliné said...

Congratulations on all your success, Jane, and I love the little zine!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you esther , its been a lot of work for a lot of years but its finally bearing fruit ,one has to keep on believing huh ? x