Thursday, May 5, 2011

Would Not Violets Grow From Her Heart

See the beautiful invitation to Jane O'Sullivan's solo show "Would Not Violets Grow From Her Heart", opening tonight.

If you find yourselves in Co. Mayo, this is the place to go:
Custom House Studios Gallery,
The Quay, Westport,
Co. Mayo.

Until June 6th.

(Since she has not posted this, I shamelessly did!)
:] elida.


Esther Moliné said...

Yes, lovely invitation! Don't think I'll be around co. Mayo, but the best of luck with it Jane, I'm sure it will be a great success. I hope you post some photos from it!

denise nestor said...

I got the invitation yesterday Jane! It looks great, very excited for you! Hopefully I'll get to see it when I'm home next. Congrats on the show!!

emma rowe said...

Well done Jane, and thanks Elida for posting, all the hard work and stress is being rewarded Jane, best of luck!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you SO much elida ....that was a special thing to do for me ....I will get the photos etc up soon , am just back from the market stall and am w.r.e.c.k.e.d but still on a cloud , the opening was amazing (could not have been better)
thank you emma and denise , the invites were sent out from the gallery very late werent they tut tut :) xxxx

slow said...

Jane, looking forward to seeing pictures of the show, I am intrigued by your new drawings!


Claire said...

Oh Jane the invite is beeee-u-tiful. Fair play to you, can't wait to see more of the work.